TVGla's Massive Creative Hub

TVGla's Massive Creative Hub

Bethany Nauert
May 20, 2013

Name: TVGla
Location: Los Angeles, California                                                                                 Size: 18,000 Square Feet                                                                                               Years In Business: 6 years

TVGla is a creative workforce for digital advertising and media. Their Los Angeles office underwent a massive renovation after they acquired it earlier this year. Avoiding the normal corporate cubicles and depressing office furniture, they created a space that is decidedly modern and bright. 

Dimitry Ioffe, of TVGla, explained how much detail was put into the office design, with the aim to keeping the mind happy and the creative juices flowing. Created to feel like a modern industrial loft, this office boasts exposed ductwork, glass walls and one of the best staff kitchens I've ever seen. There are plenty of inspiring elements, which include a wonderful back yard and seating lounge. The bright pops of red everywhere punctuate the modern sleekness of the space. 

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Modern, open loft style. The office was designed for a bright, light-filled open loft feel, with clean angled lines throughout and a mix of glass, wood, concrete and drywall throughout the space, allowing light to enter the space from three directions. 


Our new space represents who we are as a company – conceptual thinkers, creative, efficient, precise and focused. We have redefined the workplace to fit the collaborative culture that is driving our success, and we have encouraged our employees to take part in various interior design initiatives, featuring their artwork and quotes on our walls.


Favorite Element: 

Two of my favorite elements that happen to get a lot of attention in the space are the overall openness of the floor plan and the shelving/lighting fixture movement. Both elements push you through the office, and help maximize the open feel.


The color palette and how it's realized throughout the space have a strong effect — look one way and you see clean white 30 foot walls, look the other way and you get a blast of red/grey. In addition, the open ceiling holds it all together by giving the tones a nice strong lift.


But my most favorite design detail is the south/east corner 2nd floor glass to drywall railing which melts into one. What would have come across a very standard 2nd floor railing system was dramatically affected by extending the glass into the east side soffit, which breaks open the 2nd floor space and adds to the openness we were shooting for.


Biggest Challenge: 

Balancing the wants of the design with the reality of the budget was a constant battle. I knew that getting that balance right was the most critical challenge for me, as it would be the difference between having a space that continues to inspire you each and every day or a space that you walk through thinking about what you could have done better.


What Partners, Clients, or Employers Say About The Space: 

Paraphrasing here, but here are a few comments we got from the team:


"I really love your space – it's light, bright and fun." – visiting client

"Those chairs are a bit funky, aren't they." - a partner commenting on the Polo Lounge

"That quote wall is awesome, have you got one up there?" – visiting client

"There are zero silos here – the office is deliberately designed so everyone is approachable." – current employee

"The new space is awesome. I feel it's a great space for collaboration and creative exploration." – current employee


Any Plans For Future Projects?: 

Structurally, we are done for now in the current office space, but we are ramping up on a number of interactive interior and exterior design projects.


One element we are excited about is true to scale floor to ceiling wall wraps; the idea here is to do a custom photo shoot at the various locations that inspire each room (Venice Beach, The Good Luck Bar, King's Road Café, Mann's Chinese Theater, etc…), in which our employees would be a part of the scene, along with some fun TVGla branding.


Our patio space will also be changing, as we have quarterly design contests for the team to rebrand the wall space based on themes we pick.

Proudest DIY: 

Our south-side walls. Both floors have their south walls completely covered in quotes that were submitted by every employee, and designed by our internal team to show our brand name along with quotes in negative space. It is one of the company's favorite and most impactful elements in the space. I catch myself taking a moment here and there to read the quotes and smile.


Biggest Indulgence: 

I'd like to say we indulgenced in all aspects of the build, because in some respects, there was no single indulgence that I feel outweighed another. Though I will say, the biggest cost indulgence was building out a full circle mezzanine that connects the entire 2nd floor. The biggest design indulgence that has had the biggest visual impact, while being one of the cheapest solutions, is the shelving that runs in parallel on both floors (white IKEA shelves at 3 lengths, which took 5 people 9 hours to install). 


Best Advice:  Have a trusted IT person for both organizing and incorporating tech, whether you are building a home office or a 100-person company. Tech is moving fast and you need to be equipped to keep up with the latest trends, and make the right choices in regards to electronics and software, especially when those choices can be the difference between the team running at 40% or 85% efficiency in your work space. Find and pay for trusted support.

Dream Sources: 

For stuff I want to build:

- My library of Architectural photo books. I draw inspiration from photo books on a daily basis – I'm obsessed with human flow patterns, from city streets to interior spaces.


For stuff I want to buy:

- Google has been my find, learn, contact and buy source for anything that is not bolted down.

Resources of Note:

Tech Hardware
  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Apple Mac Cinema Displays
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Apple iPads
  • Vizio TVs
  • Samsung Galaxy tablets
  • HP LaserJet Enterprise printers
  • Epson Wide format printer
  • HP Widescreen monitors
  • Wacom tablets
  • Server room
  • High speed cat wiring and networking
  • Belkin wireless light switches

  • Stainless steel fridges
  • Bunn coffee maker
  • Dyson Airblade hand dryers

  • Knoll desks
  • Knoll chairs
  • Knoll conference tables
  • Herman Miller Spun chairs
  • BoConcept sectional
  • IKEA sectionals
  • Flux Pop stools
  • Crate & Barrel outdoor tables/seating
  • Custom carpentry, stairs, reception, kitchen island

  • Simple Human waste bins
  • Urban Home clocks
  • Goncalo Campos furry boards
  • Ikea shelving art installation
  • FLOR carpet tiles

  • LED task lighting by IKEA
  • LED overheard pendent lighting by K. Hagberg and M. Hagberg

Thanks, TVG LA!

Thank you Liz Anklow for connecting us. 

(Images: Bethany Nauert )

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