Moving in: Which Room Do You Unpack First and Why?

Moving in: Which Room Do You Unpack First and Why?

Carolyn Purnell
Aug 14, 2013

When you're moving, it's undeniable there are some items that are difficult to be without and some that can immediately make an unfamiliar space feel more like home. When it comes to priorities, which room gets top billing in the lengthy process of unpacking?

Some logical options are the bedroom, kitchen, a bathroom, or a child's room. The bedroom is probably necessary given just how exhausted you are, and clean sheets will help you welcome the next day with more energy and wherewithal. 

As for the kitchen, while you probably will be ordering pizza or Thai or some other delivery option of your choice on your first night, there's something to be said for having a kitchen that's ready to go — no searching for water glasses, a spoon for the morning cereal, or, the item that I consider to be paramount when I'm tired, the coffee pot.  

Or maybe it's a shower that you crave most after a hot, sweaty day, and some bubble bath or shampoo is the first thing that you want to put away.

If you have children, it also makes a great deal of sense to get them settled right away. Establishing a routine and a sense of comfort can help put a child at ease in a new space.

Personally, I keep one box that's a mixture of things I think I'll need immediately, regardless of the room they go in. But right after that box, the kitchen is my target. Which room do you unpack first? Why? 

(Image: Jennifer Hunter)

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