Julia's Before Photos: The Random Catch-all Dining Room

Julia's Before Photos: The Random Catch-all Dining Room

Julia Brenner
Aug 5, 2013

Starring: The giant dining room table, a picture of Gandhi, a tricked out kiddie kitchen, the saddest corner ever...and balloons!  

The dining room is the one room in our home that we've never really had a vision for, and it shows. The front of our home has been showered with attention but the dining room has been sort of an odd catch-all of randomness. I've never been happy with it. It's not our style but I never felt like I had the time to work on it cohesively - until now.  

The giant dining table is staying in the room because it's only a few years old and we can't exactly afford to swap out dining tables on a whim. But guys, mistakes were made in buying this table. We could have bought the smaller size but I opted for the biggest size available. For practical reasons? Oh nooo, I got it for dinner parties we were going to throw. Yes, as a parent of two tiny children, I really envisioned regularly occurring dinner parties happening around a formal dining table. I blame lack of sleep. I do like the table, but I'm hoping post-redo it won't swallow up the room like it does now. Another large piece that is staying is the mixed media Gandhi piece. I love it and it's actually an inspiration for some of the colors and tones we're thinking of for the makeover. Ok, moving on...

Oh look, there's Spiderman. I have an explanation for him - it was my son's 5th birthday party today, but everything else, your guess is as good as mine. First thing I'm changing out: the mirror. I mean, for the love of all things wall mounted, why did I buy that mirror? Actually, I know why. We had just moved in, it was on clearance, we had nothing on that large wall, and we were hosting a brunch for a bunch of people and I wanted something to fill the space. Lesson learned: Never act out of desperation. Or maybe it's never impulse buy mirrors that look like they're from a motel lobby in 1987 Las Vegas. Ok, moving on...  

Two corners of the dining room: One side = the kids' kitchen, which is pretty fly but I'd like to move it to the bedroom (fingers crossed it will fit nicely). Opposite side = a stand I bought in my early 20s that I keep using because I just haven't given it a lot of thought. But now that I've thought about it, I'm going to donate it because it doesn't work anymore. And finally, without further adieu...the saddest corner ever.

With balloons. Oh, the irony. In all seriousness, there's a reason why this is the saddest corner, and it has to do with that innocent looking IKEA file cabinet-type thing I bought probably 15 years ago. I need to dedicate an entire post to that thing because, while it looks harmless (but silly in a dining room), it's sitting there because it contains a bunch of stuff I don't want to deal with. Emotional stuff. So rather than sort through and deal with the contents of that wooden cabinet and be done with it, I've lugged that thing around for years and stuck it in corners of rooms and ignored it. Well, I'm all in for the Cure so I guess that also means handling my business. It's not all paint swatches and curtain shopping I suppose.  

That about covers it and while I am a minimalist, this room needs some love and attention. As Maya Angelou says, when you know better you do better. I've known better for awhile, so now it's time to do better.

(Images: Julia Brenner) 

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